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quote >> -- >> bill: the fbi was really sharp on that. that's right. >> they were. i think a lot of reason that we had all of these problems with, you know he, the incorrect stories in the boston media yesterday was because we were relying on the local cops. and we couldn't -- we didn't have any sources inside the joint terrorism task force. they also acted very professionally that way, bill. they kept their mouths shut. they just went about their job and they got it done. they really impressed all of us in boston. as you know, the fbi does not have a great reputation here in the city. >> bill: no. now they are going to be under fire because as we were discussing with geraldo rivera, this guy was tipped by a government, heard believes its russia. i think that's probably right although there is an outside chance it might be israel. the fbi got a tip on this guy. that you are looking at right now. tamerlan tsarnaev that he was a radical and that he travels back to russia for six months he comes back here and the fbi says he is clean. obviously he wasn't.
you've been seeing today. >> reporter: well brooke about 12:30 today there were six fbi officials sitting in two cars outside katie russell's house. and just a russell's attorney two of them pulled up parked in katie russell's driveway and went inside her house. two minutes late five of those six fbi officials went inside katie russell's houseleft. so fbi officials have been inside katie russell's parent's house for the last hour and 20 minutes. now, of course we don't know yet what isg some investigating and perhaps talking to katie russell, trying to get more information from her. but it has been a while now. and what i can tell you, brooke also is that fbi officials have been stationed outside katie russell's house for the past week or so and they have been here around the clock. there are also fbi officials who have stationed in neighboring areas, sort of just waiting in case something happens and we saw an incident this weekend where we saw katie russell's mother leaving the house, and fbi officials from to see stop her. so, brooke there has been a lot of
quote and if there was anybody else that was happening him. howie, do the presence and the fbi, i think they did a pretty darn good job even though this guy was able to run away last night when his brother was killed in the shootout overnight. he was able to escape on foot. it's dark, it's watertown, he knows the area, whatever. do you concur the cops have done a good job here? >> yeah, i think they have. i was really surprised when they came up with the audio and/or excuse me the video yesterday. i thought it would take them days if not weeks to come up with -- >> -- >> bill: the fbi was really
thank you so much. we're wrapping up our show "the lead" here in boston. i'm jake tapper. an fbi press conference is just moments away. i leave you with wolf blitzer in the situation room. before i do i just want to make it very clear to all the boston red sox fans out there. yes, we are all red sox fans this week even if normally we're not. wolf blitzer, take it away. >>> i'm wolf blitzer in washington. we want to welcome our viewers in the united states and around the world. we're waiting for the start of an important fbi news conference. it is about to begin with the latest developments in this investigation. we'll have live coverage as soon as it begins. this is preliminary comments, not the news conference itself. they're just giving some instructions out there about the news conference. it should begin within the next few minutes. we'll have live coverage. we've been waiting for more than 24 hours for the start for this fbi news conference to begin. they've just given us -- that man you just saw there -- what is called a five-minute warning. it should begin around 5:05 east
tonight. that's it for this "special report," fair, balanced and unafraid. as the fbi continues their search for these two men. >> bill: breaking news now as i'm bill hemmer in for shepard smith. we are watching enormous development in a marathon attack only two hours ago the fbi releasing video of two suspects at the scene of monday's bombings and they called them suspects. that video shows two men in baseball caps. walking down boylston street in the direction of the marathon finish line. the fbi has named them suspect one and suspect 2, suspect 1 wearing a dark hat, suspect 2 a white hat. they are both carrying bags. and the fbi special agency in charge said that suspect 2 in the white hat set down a backpack at the site of the second explosion in front of the forum restaurant at 755 boylston street. both suspects are perhaps the most wanted men in america. you will see these images many times in the coming hours. and days until these men are caught. so study them carefully. because as the fbi put it today, somebody knows who these guys are. >> we know the public will play a
push comes to shove they also could help it would appear for the fbi that they helped in a big way and that technology just might find the folks behind this tragedy. bill hemmer now. >> kimberly: hello, everyone, i'm kimberly gill film and this is a fox news alert. first time from two days about to get a briefing on the boston terror investigation. we hear that they are about to release a video they have not told us what's on it, just what they will be releasing on today. while we wait for that, let's go to fox news bill hemmer live in boston with what we know so far today. bill? kimberly, good evening, keep the screen split and let you know as soon as the fbi begins the press conference. we shall be quiet and listen. we expect the fbi to release some sort of video that captures the bombing suspects, that is plural now, whether that's two or more than two, we do not know but we may find out very soon here. i say expected because the fbi can change their mds at the last minute. this is a very hot investigation. we expect them to release this video to all the television networks the
now!" last night we were informed by the fbi the surviving attacker revealed new york city was next on their list of targets. >> they have been asking us about our children, how they lived, what they were interested in. >> could the boston marathon attacks have been prevented? two years ago the fbi focused on a suspect with a far-fetched scheme -- right as it stopped tracking the boston marathon bomber. we'll speak with reporter trevor aaronson, author of, "the terror factory: inside the fbi's manufactured war on terrorism." students inchool georgia say they will not accept a prom for whites and a prom for blacks anymore. >> we're all friends. it is not right we cannot go to prom together. >> we have the white prom and integrated prom. >> people are set in their ways. they're not to adamant to change. >> we will speak with two high school students are making history by holding the first integrated prom in their school's history saturday night. then, "the trials of mohammad ali." >> 04/26/13 04/26/13 [indiscernible] you want me to go somewhere and fight but you won't even stand up fo
, fbi in boston, around the world as well as our partners in boston police, atf, massachusetts state police and 30 agencies with the boston joint terrorism task force set about to make sure all responsible will be brought to justice. important lit was done to ensure future safety of the city of boston, common wealth of massachusetts and the country. indeed through that process the fbi developed a second suspect. today we're listing the public's help to identify the two suspects. after analysis of photo, video and other evidence we're releasing photos of the two suspects identified as suspect one and suspect two. they appear to be associated. suspect one is wearing a dark hat, suspect two wearing a white hat. suspect two set down a backpack at the site of the second explosion just in front of the forum restaurant. we strongly encourage those at the forum restaurant who have not contacted us yet to do so. as you can see from one of the images suspects one and two appear to be walking together through the crowd in the direction of the finish line that. image captured in the intersection
for the next big thing. ut there's an authenticity accepting no matter who you are. f.b.i. former investigator david williams talks about f.b.i.'s role in the boston bombings. later british prime minister david cameron. >> david williams is our guest. he's a former f.b.i. investigator. host: 01 to get your insight on the fbi's role in the boston bombing case. looking at whether or not he had terror training overseas. what is the fbi's role in tracking a suspect like this and they travel overseas? guest: the fbi leads counterterrorism investigations and all the tentacles attached to it. the fbi does have some -- there are a number of legal attache offices in various countries throughout the world. they work with the host country law enforcement and counter-terrorism services, never alone, to run down leads that are necessary for successful prosecution. the work being done overseas will be led by the fbi because they are leading the investigation. there will be linkages with other agencies overseas as well to try very hard to get to the bottom of what is going on verseas. >> we saw that the fbi
. this is a fox news alert. we are seeing the two images that the f.b.i. is labeling as suspects in the boston mara thon bombing. they are known as suspect number one and suspect number two. the f.b.i. released video and still pictures and asked the public's help in identifying these two men. they are considered arm dangerous. we fascinating role of social media . we start with rick levan thal with the last on the pictures. >> dramatic developments in the hour. good news and bad news. the bad news, is that the f.b.i. would not release these still photos if they knew who these guys were. if they spent any time in the united states and based on the video and photographs. someone will reck - recognize them and the f.b.i. could give them the information it needs . we'll show you the radio and stills. suspect number one wearing a dark jacket and hat and backpack and wearing khakies. the suspect number two wearing it backgrounds and dark jacket and jeans . suspect number two was seen putting his backpack down in the site of the second explosion and walking west on bolston street after planting that
successfully and plant it and to have it go off, we have to presume, and i'm sure the fbi does, that they had an escape plan. >> the top of the hour. i just want to reset for our viewers here in the united states and around the world who might just be tuning in, i'm wolf blitzer. we're watching this dramatic situation here in "the situation room," breaking news this hour. here are the headlines. the fbi has just released photos and video of two suspects in the boston marathon terror attack. the attack that killed three people, injured more than 170 people. authorities are asking the public to help them find these two men. they were seen at the marathon on monday. we have team coverage. our correspondents are standing by in boston to help us pore over these images. jake tapper, deb feyerick, drew griffin, there with our security analysts here in "the situation room." they're giving us unique insight into this break-through in the case. it is a major break-through in what happens next. let's listen in to the fbi's announcement less than an hour or so ago. this is the fbi agent in charge, richar
development today. the fbi went public releasing these photos and videos of two men who they say are suspects in the case. one of the men is observed in surveillance video setting down a backpack at the site of the second explosion. these are suspects, the fbi has stressed. they are believed to be responsible for the bombing on monday and the fbi considers them armed and dangerous. extremely dangerous. >> somebody out there knows these individuals as friends, neighbors, co-workers, or family members of the suspects. though it may be difficult, the nation is counting on those with information to come forward and provide it to us. no bit of information, no matter how small or seemingly inconsequential is too small for us to see. each piece moves us forward towards justice. it is extremely important for us to contact us with any information regarding the identities of suspect one, suspect two, and their location. >> well, the images show two men wearing baseball caps, as you can see, and in dark jackets. they walked very calmly through the crowds. you can see that yourself. what we don't know to
now. the fbi has released surveillance photos of two men they call suspects in the bombings. both are carrying backpacks. suspect number one is seen wearing a black hat, suspect number two is wearing a white hat. the fbi says he's the one seen on video leaving a bag at the site of the second explosion. the fbi warned that these suspects are extremely dangerous individuals. >> we consider them to be armed and extremely dangerous. no one should approach them except law enforcement. >> these suspects are at large and dangerous but the fbi says the public can help. >> somebody out there knows these individuals as friends, neighbors, and we are counting on you to provide information to us. no bit of information, no matter how small or seemingly inconsequential is too small for us to see each piece moves us forward. >> these two suspects are out there. the hunt is now on to find them and bring them to justice. joining me now is michael isikoff from nbc news. >> good to be with you. >> you heard the fbi press conference. what is your reaction? what did we learn and what do you take away
? the fbi releasing video of two suspects in the boston marathon bombing. >> good afternoon. i'm the special agent in charge of the fbi's boston division. since monday's bombings, the fbi and our law enforcement partners have been working around the clock, and are fully committing to investigating this matter to bring those responsible to justice. our collective law enforcement team has pursued thousands of leads and tips. as i said two days ago, we are working methodically and with a sense of urgency to identify those responsible for the bombings. within the last day or so, through that careful process, we initially developed a single person of interest. not knowing that the individual was acting alone or in concert with others, we obviously worked with extreme purpose to make that determination. the entire force of the federal government, the fbi in boston, around the world, as well as our partners in the boston police, atf, massachusetts state police and more than 30 agencies of the boston joint terrorism task force have set about to ensure that all responsible for the bombings will be br
much an issue, wolf, for the fbi as they look into exactly, you know, what has gone on with these letters and who may be responsible for it, wolf. >> and if or maybe there is, maybe there isn't, some connection to the boston marathon bombings. it may be totally unrelated. it may be some copycat individual maybe wanting to playoff these boston marathon bombings. we have no idea if there's any connection, if this is all simply coincidental. but it is pretty scary when you think about it. think of the enormity of the potential of what's going on. let's go to jessica yellin, our chief white house correspondent. she's in the briefing room. i take it, jessica, we're waiting for jay carney. this is his regularly scheduled daily briefing. it was supposed to start about 15 or 20 minutes ago. so it's running a little late, as brianna says that's not unusual at all. but the circumstances of today's briefing are dramatic. >> sorry, wolf, i can't hear you. there's someone else in my ear, but i can tell you -- >> jessica, i think your audio -- we're going to have to fix that audio
, massachusetts, one suspect was apprehended. the fbi has been present and the significance for international viewers who may not know this, the fbi is federal bureau of investigation so they would be involved in big major crimes, not just local crimes. the fbi was on the campus of m.i.t. in cambridge. they were also present in watertown, massachusetts, where this one suspect was apprehended. other than that we don't know. we have three events. they might be connected, they may be unrelated. but there's a big, big police presence in boston and the surrounding area. obviously, this is a town on edge ever since the terrorist attack on monday. that's where we are as of right now. the campus of m.i.t. has alerted students that it is still not -- it's not determined it's been safe for them to leave their rooms. not just to students but to anybody on the m.i.t. campus so people are advised to stay inside. as further information come our way, we'll share it with you as soon as we get it. >> yeah, jake, we are still hearing emergency vehicles behind you, sirens blaring. we heard from our grew griffin
has emerged in the last few minutes of one of the two fbi suspects. it was taken by a man called david green, who's from florida, just moments after the blast. the person on the blast wearing a white hat closely resembles one of the bombing suspects. david green joins me exclusively on the phone. this has all happened in the last few minutes in terms of coming to public attention, but you took this photograph. you went to the boston marathon and took this picture. what did you do with it after you'd taken it? >> well, after i took it i posted it on my facebook because i was probably one of the first people on the scene. and i saw the bomb. i saw the tragedy. and afterwards i posted it on my facebook to give those, my family and friend, an account of what i'd been through. >> you then traveled back, i believe, to your home in florida. and it was at that point that a friend of yours, i believe, clarify that are for me, said to you that there was a likeness between one of the two fbi suspect pictures released today and this person in your picture. >> that's correct. when i was on my way h
at the boston marathon, killing three individuals and maiming dozens of other individuals. this evening, the fbi, law enforcement here in boston massachusetts released new photographs, images of two individual suspects wanted for questioning. they're presumed armed and extremely dangerous. those who see them are asked not to try to apprehend them or approach them. two new photographs were now released by the fbi. you're looking at those now. the individuals wanted for questioning appear to be young men, one wearing a white hat, one wearing a black hat. even more photographs. here are still newer photographs just released in the last 15 minutes or so by the fbi. you see the two individuals standing next to each other in the top photograph and there is another photograph of the young man in the white hat wanted for questioning in these terrorist attacks. these were just released in the last few minutes. interestingly, in the middle of the night bit fbi. to recap about tonight's activities. at roughly 10:00 or so this evening on the campus of the massachusetts institute of technology, a prestigious
these two suspects who were identified by the fbi, please call local law enforcement asap. thanks very much for watching. our continuing coverage of what's going on in boston, texas resumes right now. erin burnett "outfront." >>> ou, manhunt. the fbi late today releasing a video of two possible suspects, two possible suspects. we're going to go through the images frame by frame. plus, we're learning more tonight about the massive explosion at a fertilizer plant in texas. more than 150 people injured. the death toll continues to rise. there's a lot to cover tonight. let's go "outfront." >> good evening, everyone. i'm erin burnett live from boston tonight. "outfront" tonight, we begin with breaking news. suspects, plural, revealed. today fbi officials released video and photos of two male suspects in the boston marathon bombings. we want to show that you video right now. we're going to show it to you a lot during this program. we're going to be going through it frame by frame. suspect one is in the dark hat. walking in front of suspect two in the white hat. they're walking in the di
got to be kidding. that has got to be it. liz: 5:00, fbi press conference. we'll take it right here. melissa: breaking news right now. the fbi is holding a press conference with the latest information. we are going to take you to it live the second it starts. we've been told that we're going to get a video related to the bombing. we are showing that video in the bottom of your screen so you know you won't miss a minute of it. let's listen. in looks like it is starting right now. >> we will have some photos available for you today and also we will be posting some video at we hope to be back shortly in the next five to ten minutes. thank you very much. melissa: okay. so as you saw, they said they will be giving us that video we were talking about in a couple minutes and we'll take the press conference live as soon as it starts but it will be another five or ten minutes. in the meantime we want to tell you "who made money today". investors still shorting apple. the stock plunged again to close at $392. this is the first time apple shares have closed below 400 since decembe
knew as early as 2011 that her older son had been radicalized. f.b.i. telling lawmakers she sent text messages to family members in russia suggesting that her son tamerlan tsarnaev was willing to die for us lamb. this may have happened as early as 2011. perhaps more important, two sources with direct knowledge of a classified f.b.i. briefing yesterday on capitol hill, that lawmakers now for valuable intel on potential thrts to the homeland may have been lost this week. the reason -- a federal magistrate judge showed up at the hospital where the second bombing suspect is being held and interrogated and the judge read his miranda rights. the f.b.i. says this happened just 16 hours into its questioning of the younger brother in this case, dzhokar tsarnaev. the f.b.i. told lawmakers it was shocked to have its interrogation shut down midstream. it was incomplete. they say the suspect had been providing valuable intelligence until that magistrate judge and accompanying lawyers showed up and upon being read his rights he stopped talking. under the so-called public safety exception to the mir
overdo it and then we penalize the many for the sins of a few. >> well, look, the f.b.i. -- somebody must have tipped the f.b.i. off. they told them that one of these terrorists is hacking in a -- acting in a very irrational, anti-american way, he's radicalized. the f.b.i. even brought that person in to their office -- >> two years ago, the state department was alerted by now we're told the russian government that you ought to look at this, at this time, 24-year-old tamerlan tsarnaev, who had chechnyan roots, and they said he's a bad guy. i guess we went through the checking process. not exonerated is a wrong word, but he was cleared. and i'm wondering -- >> i know, he lives in a neighborhood. he lives in a neighborhood. he goes to these great schools. he has many associates. he has many friends. nobody knows anything about his irrational behavior? i mean, i know about my neighbors. if anybody ever started talking about the overthrow of the united states or starting acting in that kind of irrational behavior, i'd call up the f.b.i. immediately and demand that they interview that person an
we learned that the fbi had looked into tamerlan tsarna tsarnaev, relatively recently after a foreign government reported to be russia, alerted american authorities to this guy. and saying that they were concerned. he may have had, quote, extremist ties. apparently the fbi says it was unable to find anything, and they cleared him and closed the case in 2011. again, we understand that the unnamed, officially unnamed foreign government was asked to follow up if it got any further intel. to contact us again. but that never happened. so did someone somewhere drop the ball? joining me, steve, a former assistant director of the fbi, number three guy at the fbi, who also served as chief of the fbi's counterterrorism section, had 27 years with the fbi. so we're honored to speak with you today, steve. you're a great guest to have on this. >> thanks, megyn. >> of course, there's going to be monday morning quarterbacking on this. the fbi got this guy, ultimately got this guy and the brother within five days of the attack. but we have to take a hard look back and find out why they didn't have him
: in 2011, russian intelligence, concerned about the threat of chech knowian terrorism asked the fbi to investigate tamerlan, based on information that he was a follower of radical islam and that he had changed drastically since 2010, according to an fbi statement. the fbi says a checked databases, interviewed tamerlan and family members, but quote did not find any terrorism activity, domestic or foreign. the fbi says it asked the russians for more, but never got answers. >> without any strong derogatory information, the fbi would still be limited in what it could do. >> reporter: in january, 2012, tamerlan flew to russia for six months. within a month of his return, in august 2012, tamerlan set up this youtube account full of islamie jihadi postings, many in russian, reflecting his former life in chechnya. in this video, a radical prophecy. >> no one can stop the jihad. >> reporter: his parents say their sons are not terrorists and have been framed by the fbi. >> translator: somebody clearly framed them. i don't know who exactly framed them, but they did. they framed them and they w
that the senate intelligence committee will convene a hearing possibly as soon as tomorrow what the f.b.i. knew about the suspects in the boston marathon bombing. one brother's possible ties to al-qaeda linked terror group. i'm megyn kelly. >> megyn: senator dianne feinstein telling fox news there are three main questions lawmakers want answered. when did russia raise the red flag on tamerian tsarnaev. what did he do over in russia for six months? what did the f.b.i. do about it? we are learning that federal charges could come as early as today against the surviving suspect dzhokar tsarnaev. they are questioning the 19-year-old in his hospital bed. we can't confirm that. the reports are he is responding substantively via writing because they said he had shot himself in the head and mismisfiring and cannot speak. and older brother's wife, katherine russell she converted to islam at the request of her husband and could potentially be a treasure trove of information on this man. our chief correspondent catherine herridge joins us. >> reporter: that's right. investigators are focusing on tamerian t
. right now the fbi is look for two persons of interest in the boston marathon bombing. police have photos of the two men and fox news senior correspondent have seen those photos. he's live in boston with the the very latest. rick. >> greta, we are being careful about how we describe the men in these pictures for a number of reasons. but primarily because we don't want to jeopardize the fbi's investigation. of course, the fbi has the lead in this case. there are at least 30 agencies involved and well over -- >> let me stop you. >> between ourselves and the federal authorities. we are here to strictly answer questions at the end which i will take a few about the state investigation of this. if there's any questions regarding the federal end of it, we will not speculate or comment on those. that is just a warning to you so we won't get into that and waste our time. i can tell you that on april 10 of this year, around 9:30, we received a call from a justice court located directly behind this building where we house our justice court complex. that there was a letter that was inside an envelope
the boat toward the police. the f.b.i. came in, and over the course of the last three hours, pulled the man from the boat, wounded but alive. we are being told now by multiple sources that this is, in fact, dzhokar tsarnaev, 19 years old. ( applause ) the man in the white cap that we saw in the video that the f.b.i. released yesterday are the two men they believe were responsible for the bombings that occurred on monday that there is a new tweet from the boston police department for capital letters the word "captured." followed by three exclamation marks. it goes on to say "the hunt is over, the search is done, the terror is over and justice has won." snpt custody. it's a tweet from the boston police department. suspect has been captured. don dahler has been in the neighborhood for us throughout all of this. don, what are you saying? what do you hear? >> reporter: well, just moments ago, scott, an ambulance came by with its lights flashing. it was presealeded by police officers and a number of the officers who had been driving by have been giving us the thumb's up. they are obviously just e
importance, when you consider that this is one of the pictures that the fbi is circulating of one of the two devices that exploded near the finish line of the boston marathon on monday. one of those devices included an especially made tenergy battery, not a yubiquitous battery, you can only buy it in select hobby stores online. tenergy said this week they were appalled one of their batteries was used in this bombing. the main use of this is for toys, to give people joy and to see it used in this way is horrifying. they have reached out to the fbi to assist in any way they can with the investigation which presumably could involve providing the fbi a list of which stores in the boston region they sell this particular battery to. today, msnbc news has learned the fbi has been canvassing hobby stores in the boston area to see if any electrical components used were purchased there specifically those tenergy battery batteries and components. that one detail about the battery is one of the ways the investigation into what happened at the boston marathon monday is becoming more and more granular. to
is that the fbi in a closed door briefing yesterday went before lawmakers on capitol hill said yeah, you know that incident at the hospital mondayed when miranda rights were read to this most notorious terrorist suspect in the country right now? we, sitting there at the hospital, were stunned when the magistrate judge, the assistant u.s. attorney and the public defender walked in to do that we were not notified, the doj has since released a statement saying yes, they were. the fbi told capitol hill yesterday and it was a very senior member of the fbi off guard. we weren't. it was to the point where the fbi said to the lawmakers we were sitting there questioning should we tackle the magistrate? short of doing that, we're not going to be able to stop her from stopping us in the middle of our interrogation which they said was not done, which they said they were getting valuable information in, in which they said they wanted to continue and they did not sign off on nor will they consulted on the fact that they were sending a judge over to-mile-an-hour daze the suspect. >> bill: all right. so wha
.s. about the suspect's mother. and added her name to a terrorist identity's data base. and the fbi interviewed her back in 2011. and, today, in washington, where everything becomes political, lindsey graham says the white house isn't doing enough to make america safe. >> i know the fbi and the cia are not informed, 11 years after 9/11, that's a mistake, that's a big mistake. and when he comes back from dagastan and goes on the internet, youtube and other public out lets and starts talking in a radical fashion and we can't pick that up in light of the all of the warnings we've had, i know that's failure. >> so, don't forget, we bring in jake. jake, pretty disturbing development today about the new york connection with these two boston marathon bombers. >> that's right, the thinking is from what the bombers said, when they carjacked the car, thankfully, the man whose car it was escaped unscathed. and, also, from subsequent interviews with dzhokhar tsarnaev in his hospital bed, that the plan was after leaving boston, the brothers, the suspected terrorists would head to new york city
. the source described the conversation as vague. they turned it over to the fbi in the last few days. the source was not aware for a reason of the delay and did not offer an opinion of whether it would have given the fbi enough reason to justify a closer look at tamerlan tsarnaev. there's a little more information here but i want to get to our tom fun tes who has information on this and suz zan candiotti. let's go to tom. tom, what does this tell you of an intercept of a conversation here. where does this take this conversation now? well it just was received in the last couple of days that they intercepted the conversation. the shame is that, you know, in 2007 when the first letter came from the russians, the investigation was conducted at that time, they did not provide the underlying basis for why they believed tamerlan or the younger son was being radicalized. so there was no way to know were they picking up rumors on the street or was there some for definite information. that doesn't come out until this week when they finally say guess what, we had a wiretap. now the fbi going th
an important fbi briefing on the investigation into monday's bombings at the boston marathon. and we'll bring you that when it happens. investigators are expected to release images of two persons of interest in the case. two men seen carrying heavy bags near the sites of the bombings. meanwhile, today, the president and first lady attended an interfaith service. his message to boston was powerful and defiant. >> they sought to intimidate us, to terrorize us, to shake us from those values that deval described. the values that make us who we are as americans. well, it should be pretty clear by now that they picked the wrong city to do it. [ applause ] not here in boston. >> the president also met with victims of the bomb blast and their families as well as volunteers and the hospital staff at massachusetts general hospital. we're going to have more on the emotional day in boston tonight. >>> but first, we're following developments in the investigation, itself. authorities now tell nbc news they are focused on finding two men who were seen on camera near the site of the bombings. one was reporte
we do for you? >> and now, "bbc world news america." >>orti rep from washingn, the fbi released images of two suspects in the boston bombings and president obama issues the rallying message for a proud city. >> this time nextear, on the third monday april, the world will return to this great american city to run harder than ever and to cheer even louder. thelosion with power of an earthquake ripped through a texas town, killing as many as 15 people. and strike up the orchestra, the make history woman by conducting the last night at the pops. viewers on public television in america and around the globe. in boston, the fbi has given a press briefing on the investigation into the bombings at the boston marathon. they released photographs of two suspects and called on the public to help identify the man they described as armed and dangerous. we can go live now to boston. extraordinary amount of detail coming out on the state of this investigation. >> yes, and t pretty clear images of the people the fbi described as suspects, people that wanted to talk to. very clear language there,
suspected bomber, tamerlan tsarnaev. a routine background check revealed he was interviewed by the fbi in 2011 at the request of the russian government, which suspected that the older brother had ties to chechen terrorism. he was killed following a shootout with police early friday morning in boston. cnn's latest reporting shows 57 victims remain hospitalized as a result of the boston bombings including three in critical condition. joining me now is massachusetts senator, william his friends call him mo cowan. thank you, senator, for being with us out of boston. i want to is you what you know about the status of the investigation. has anything new turned up? >> well, good morning, candy. thanks for having me here. and before i respond i want to take this opportunity to once again thank all the first responders who came to the scene on monday and all the investigative personnel who spent all week working hard to identify and capture the suspects we believe to be responsible for this heinous crime committed on marathon monday. in terms of the investigation itself, there's not much new to
news here in boston at this hour. the fbi announcing it will update us at 5:00 eastern time. two hours from now, about the investigation into the attacks here on monday afternoon. this will be the first public briefing we have seen in two days. law enforcement telling fox news the fbi is talking about whether or not to release images from the scene showing one or two or possibly more than two people -- they say they'd like to talk to about the bombing. the feds have not yet named any official suspects. there's a source saying investigators are examining new lead from social media, collecting more than 30,000 messages sent within a one-mile radius of the crime scene the days before and after the twin bombings. on capitol hill it's been busy. homeland security secretary janet napolitano confirming the fbi still needs and encourages happen from -- help from the public. >> there's video that raises the question of those the fbi would like to speak with. i wouldn't characterize them as suspects. this is not an ncif episode. times you have to take time to properly put the chain together to i
in washington. thank you. erin burnett "outfront" is next. >> outfront next, the fbi releasing a video of two possible suspects in the bombing. our forensic experts break it down frame by frame. plus, the latest developments from the massive explosion at a fertilizer plant in texas. they are, working around the clock 24 hours to find more survivors. let's go "outfront." good evening, everyone. i'm erin burnett, live from boston, we begin with breaking news. suspects reveal today fbi officials released video and photos of two male suspects in the boston bombings. officials say they have video of at least one suspect planting a bomb. at this point, though, they have chosen not to release that specific video. i want to show you the video that they have released. i'll show you first suspect one. that's the man wearing the dark hat walking in front of suspect two in the white hat. they are washing in the direction of the marathon finish line about 12 minutes before the blast went off. this is according to the time stamp on the video we've received. the men stayed at the scene to watch the carnage
. the hospital is not saying much. the fbi won't give us much until later on this morning. our contacts have quieted down a bit. a lot of people getting some rest here. the last five days have been quite difficult for many here, in fact, the hospital still has a number of law enforcement behind me right now, there's four by my count. every single entrance and exit, every single way you can get in or out any of the hospital buildings here, this is a large campus, beth israel, has thofrmts also inside the hospitals as well. we're told that on the floor where the suspect is located, there's also a law enforcement as well as near his room. that, of course, will be the case until he's taken into more of a custody once he's had recovery. they want to have that investigative purpose go forward, have the opportunity to interview him. number one priority at this hour is to ensure that he survives so they will have that chance hopefully to get an interview with him. we do know at least one injury was suffered during that initial shootout that happened when his brother was killed. but he may have actua
the everybody from federal authorities like the fbi and in serious but stable condition about multiple wounds. we know that at least one gunshot wound came from the first fire fight where his brother was killed and the bleeding he had endured for nearly 20 hours is one of the reasons why he was in such serious condition when was brought here. of course, he was also shot the multiple times. we are told one of the injuries was to the head or the neck. the other one potentially to his leg. but again the hospital keeping that pretty much to themselves. the fbi has not said much other than he is in serious but stable condition. a lot of reports out there of a lot of different things but you that is what we can tell you with certainty that he is in serious but stable condition at this hour. there is an investigative team here, of course, ready to interview him. we were told that earlier today at least that he was not -- had not yet been interviewed. meantime he was found, of course, the amazing images. the homeowner found him inside the boat but it was the thermal images from the helicopter looking
investigation is now a manhunt. the fbi needs your help finding these two men. we'll bring you the latest on that and show you more of those images. we begin with the tragedy that is unfolding all around us right now in this small texas town of west ever since the fertilizer plant here blew up last night. a search and rescue operation in places, recovery work elsewhere. scores of people being treated in area hospitals. as far away as dallas, 70 miles from here. earlier tonight state and local authorities spoke to reporters about the enormous damage when this fertilizer plant exploded. they didn't give us fatality amounts but we know it's heavy. we're not speculating over numbers. there's too much riding on it. we've heard stories everywhere, people have been coming and telling us stories of incredible bravery in the face of fire. volunteer personnel who went to the blast, went to do whatever they they could. in a moment i'll talk with a paramedic on his way to recover the bodies of some of his friends. minutes ago -- well, we'll tell you the story ahead. he'll tell you himself as he wants
and get some of those answers. he directed the fbi and the department of homeland security to deploy all necessary resources to get to the bottom of this. >> and i know the fbi director robert mueller had a statement, and what else is he saying about where we go from here? >> he said during the long week we have seen an extraordinary effort, and these collaborative efforts with the help and cooperation of the public resulted in the successful out come we have seen tonight. and there will be no pause in that effort, but tonight i wish to thank all of those that worked tirelessly throughout the week in the pursuit of safety and kwrjustice. that's the word we hear from the fbi director and president. back to you guys. >> thank you. athena jones for us at the white house. >> and the president declared the terror attack in boston to be over, and it's just begun, and we are talking about the recovery. to help with that, we are sure it will be mounting medical bills. donors are flooding campaigns for some of the individual victims of the blast, and one started collecting donations for a newlywe
the boston bombing suspects. fbi released video of 2 men they are calling armed and extremely dangerous. good evening. >> i'm carolyn. the fbi knew this would happen. >> within hours of releasing these images of the 2 suspects in the bombings people now turning over, people now turning over images like we are going to show you here in a couple minutes. trying to identify the people as quickly as they kaichbility runner snapped a photo of somebody appears to be the man the fbi is calling suspect no. 2. >> he's the one seen setting did you know a backpack at the finish line before the pwlaeingt. >> amma has the latest from boston tonight. >>reporter: i'm standing in front of the firehouse which is just down the street from the blast site. as soon as the fbi relessed the images of the suspects the firefighters printed them out and put them on display for everyone to see. >> today we are enlisting the public help to identify the two sues pbingts. >>reporter: fbi reless these images of 2 men they now are publicly calling suspect in the marathon bombings. >> suspect 1 bearing a dark hat
. who knows what they believe happened? we have no idea at this hour, but we do know that the f.b.i. has just told us they will brief the public in two hours. 5:00 p.m. eastern. we'll have it for you right here. here is studio b with bill hemmer live from boston subbing for shepard smith. >> thank you. i'm bill hemmer in for shepard smith. welcome to studio b. break developments now in the terrorist attack. boston police, 30 minutes ago denying earlier reports that they have made an arrest. you can still see a large crowd outside the courthouse after early reports suggested that somebody was in custody. that's about a mile from our location, a mile east of where we are in boston's back bay. sources telling fox news -- and this is critical -- security video shows a, quote, young man carrying perhaps -- and perhaps dropping a black bag near the site of the second blast, a bag that may have caped a deadly bomb. we do not yet know if he is a suspect. we do not yet know if they've identified this person. today we saw crews coming through that site, combing through the site at 755 boylston str
. these are the two most wanted men in america. the fbi is releasing pictures and surveillance video of the suspects wanted in connection with the attack. these images show the two together wearing backpacks, walking through the marathon crowd, one in a white hat, the other a dark hat. take a very long, close look at the suspects. the fbi says somebody out there knows them and that the entire nation is counting on those with information to come forward. tonight, we have experts here to go through in detail these images, the tell-tale clues. we'll also have the very latest on our other big breaking story, the massive fertilizer plant explosion in texas that was felt 50 miles away. scores were injured and tonight, the mayor of the city tells "usa today" that he fears around 35 people, including ten first responders, may be feared dead. we'll have the latest on that later. >>> we begin with the boston bombing suspects and the new pictures. with me from boston is cnn's jake tapper. he's the anchor of "the lead with jake tapper" and chief washington correspondent. jake, a big development today. some rea
contain the deadly poison ricin. the fbi says it's very lard to a letter sent yesterday to senator roger wicker of mississippi. which also tested positive for ricin. a third suspicious package may have arrived at the office of alabama senator richard shelby. investigators do not currently believe there is a connection to the bombing in boston. meanwhile, law enforcement officials in massachusetts are combing through more than 2,000 tips, looking through photos like this one, shall shows a bag sitting by a mailbox before the explosion. it is unclear at this point whether or not the bag has any relevance, but appears to be near the center of the explosion. president obama will be in boston tomorrow to attend a memorial service for the victims. for the loved once of those killed and maimed in the explosion, there is only confusion and many unanswered questions. joining me today here in new york city, nbc news capitol hill correspondent luke russert, and misterrorism expert michael leiter, and bob herbert, a distinguished senior fellow at dimos. >>> let's go to kristin welker for more. >> re
that information? would the fbi have done more if it had that information sooner? our experts fwhaeg on that. the only man that knows a motive behind thees keeping his mouth shut today. the suspect is staying quiet, dzhokhar sar nef. boston's baseball caps piling up at the memorial for the victims behind meear from the emotional visitors for the next two hours here on cnn. meantime, let's get to the latest. attorney general eric holder taking some heat for defending the timing on reading the boston bombing suspects his miranda rights. white house core departments and at the white house correspondents dinner last night holder spoke exclusively to cnn about his decision. athena jones has more from washington. >> reporter: attorney general eric holder under fire from republicans for agreeing to a judge's decision to read the boston bombing suspect his miranda rights. dzhokhar has since clammed up. valuable sfogs out of reach. speaking to cnn holder answered that for the first time at white house correspondents dinner. >> the decision to mirandize him is one that the magistrat
in the boston marathon bombing is dead and another is at large. this comes after the fbi released video of the two suspects taken just before the bombing occurred. dozens of law enforcement officials converged on a suburb shortly after an m.i.t. officer was shot and killed just hours after the fbi released photos of the two men suspected in the marathon bombings. watertowocated ten miles west of boess st.corded what ap to be numerousshosion. ta a liste all right. now don dahler is in watertown right now. don, what can you tell us? >> reporter: good morning, anne-marie. it has been a violent night in boston. around 10:20 this evening reports are that a massachusetts institute of technology police officer was shot dead by two suspects who then fled that scene. there was a massive police search almost immediately. one report has it that these two individuals came upon someone with a car and used weapons to carjack him, took him to a location, allowed him to go free safely, but those two individuals became the subject of a massive manhunt. police from all over the area have diverged on wate
, dropping a black bag near the bomb site. the f.b.i. is denying later reports that an arrest had been made of that suspect. nevertheless, we're all over these fast changing and fast moving events. rick lech at all is at the scene of the bombing and mike tobin at the federal courthouse where they had a bomb scare themselves. we begin with our intrepid rick. what's the latest? >> as you mentioned, the f.b.i. now trying to caution the news media to be patient and not rush to report from sources as we heard earlier today, the local media, local paper, local television station and the associated press were reporting a suspect was in custody and was on his way to a federal courthouse here in south boston to face charges related to the marathon bombing. we are now told by the f.b.i. that no suspect has been arrested, but the important thing is the f.b.i. is holding a 5 p.m. briefing and that -- 5 -- and that is where we have been getting our best information, obviously from the investigators, from the special agent in charge of the boston office and from others involved in this massive search for
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